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About The Wingnuterer

About The Wingnuterer

The original Wingnuterer started as a joke in the Summer of 2005 and for several years we had a good run.  Then in the early summer of 2009 I canned/deleted the original Wingnuterer, mainly because I had become deeply dissatisfied with blogging.

After many long discussions with my blogging partner, I have decided to re-open The Wingnuterer.  Our purpose is simple, we make fun of current events and politics.  We respect no political party or lines,… although we reserve the right to exercise our own biased opinions when ever we feel like.


Zorpheous is an insane squirrel who loves to collect nutz. Being a squirrel, his english, spelling and grammar are some what quesstionable.

2 Responses to “About Zorpheous”
Bene Diction:
January 11, 2010 at 12:11 PM
Hi Z:Need your help, have to have this by tomorrow.Do you know what church Rod Bruinooge attends?Do you know which politicos attended The Siege Conference (Faytene Kryskow) at Canada Christian College in TO in December?These folk really hide their footprints.:^)Hope 2010 is good to you.Thanks. Bene D

Old nutz:
January 14, 2010 at 11:36 PM
Hey Zorpeus. Have you been hanging about the facebook site Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament? Apparently Turner has sid he’s willing to toss his nutz in the mix and thought it only fitting that you come join in the fun.