Attractions In Vancouver

Vancouver is a place that has a limitless supply of attractions and things you can see or do. It will not matter what time of the day you are there or what time of the year. It will also not matter whether you plan to be active or a spectator, indoors or out or if you are intent on spending a lot of money or no money at all. Vancouver has it all.

One of the best destinations in Vancouver is Grouse Mountain, which is the peak of Vancouver. This mountain is Vancouver’s premier attraction with panoramic views of the city, ocean and mountains which unfold as the sky ride whisks visitors to the top of the mountain. It is truly the marriage of civilization and wilderness and is only 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver.

Another premier attraction in Vancouver is the Foodie Tours. It offers cultural walking tours and food tasting. Here the locals and the visitors are treated to one of a kind dishes that are the definition of Vancouver’s culinary scene. It is a fun experience as you will indulge yourself in a feast for your eyes, belly and mind.

If you are visiting Vancouver, then you cannot miss the Vancouver Aquarium. This aquarium has penguins, Belugas, sea otters and over 50 000 other aquatic creatures that are waiting for you at the largest aquarium in Canada. You will get to enjoy beluga whale and dolphin shows, shark dives, sea otter feeds and the free roaming animals that are usually found in the popular amazon gallery.

Another of Vancouver’s attractions that you possibly cannot miss is the Prince of Whales. The main activity here is whale watching. The BC coast has so much to offer they have multiple whale watching trip options. Therefore, you find whales fascinating, look no further. Prince of whales has grown to offer the widest range of marine life viewing experience in Vancouver. You will definitely love every single moment of your wildlife encounters on this coastline.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is one of the destination points in Vancouver that you don’t want to miss. Here, you get to appreciate nature from three perspectives that are breathtaking. These include exciting cliff walks, treetops adventures and the Capilano Suspension Bridge. This bridge has been thrilling people since 1889 and it offers an all-encompassing experience. If you are visiting Vancouver, make sure you make this park one of your destinations.

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