The Twitter Wars – Damany Skeene

There are funny Trolls, trolls who have a purpose and use snark, satire and humor to get their point across. An example of this kind of Troll would be @CanadianCynic (aka CC). CC is the master of the 140 character snark on twitter.

There are brain dead Political Trolls, trolls that continuously spout lies and mis-information. An example of kind of troll is @ejb__, she tweets bs an lies to support @TOMayorFord and decries anything that supports pedestrians and cyclists. Her lies are legendary and if you try to correct her she screams that you are cyberbullying her, stalking and harassing her. She is a hardcore follower of #FordNation.

Then there is Damany Skeene. Damany Skeene is one of those very special people who clearly has mental health issues. Damany has lost more twitter account in the last week due to abusive tweets than I have hair on my toes

Here is a list of the twitter accounts he has lost in the last week.


And these are just the ones that I know about. I can not explain the insanity that Damany Skeene, it must be experience, so here is a little sample;


In Defense of Rob @TOMayorFord

Yes you read the headline correct, In defense of Rob Ford.

In a few short hours Rob and brother Doug will be on the air the weekly clown show on CFRB1010, where we are expecting him to make an announcement. It could be anything, but if is an announcement from Rob that he has an addiction problem (be it alcohol and/or drugs) and that he is going to take a leave of absence to deal with these issue, then I wish him all the best in beating this sickness.

Yes, it is a sickness, not character flaw, not something to exploit. But here is the rub, if Rob is think, “hey I can admit to the problem, go to a few AA meetings and then come back to in time to start campaigning,….” well then Rob, you have already failed. The recovery from addiction is a long, arduous affair, that takes brutal self honesty and commitment. Minimum recovery time is six months with intense therapy, and if he is successful, he will not be the same man. Alcoholic’s Anonymous and the relate drug programs that use the same “Step Program” tend to change people, and that is the point. Rob’s problems are not just the drugs and the booze, those are just the symptoms that manifest themselves caused by deeper issues, and those are the issues that Rob will have to deal with and defeat.

If Rob thinks this is a PR stunt to kill the story and then he can come back swing in January, then he has already failed. I for one hope that isn’t the case, yes I hope. If is announcing he is stepping aside/taking a leave of absence, if family is over joyed and filled with hope,… but here is thing, people with addiction problems lie, they lie all the time, they have been lying for years, to the public, to friends, family and to themselves. Excepting the truth that you have a problem they say is the toughest and hardest step to make, and that is true to an extent. The next step is the truly the hardest, the willingness to get accept that you can not beat this on your own and that you are powerless to beat it , unless you get real help. Rob Ford is very luck, he can afford to get the very best help, without having to wait (like many other Canadians have to wait)

So we will wait and see what Ford has to say, and what he doesn’t say and if he still blames anyone for this problem that he created. I will remain hopeful for him, and wish him best in beating this.

#RobFordLooksAtThings – 0011

Rob Looks at fish


I wonder where that fish has gone.
You did love it so. You looked after it like a son.
And it went wherever I did go.
Is it in the cupboard?
Yes! Yes! No!…
Wouldn’t you like to know? It was a lovely little fish.
And it went wherever I did go.
It’s behind the sofa!
Where can that fish be?
It is a most elusive fish!
And it went wherever I did go.
Ooooh, fishy, fishy, fishy fish!
A-fish, a-fish, a-fish, a-fishy, ooooh.
Ooooh, fishy, fishy, fishy fish!
That went wherever I did go.

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